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"For I will restore health to you,
and your wounds
I will heal...”

Jeremiah 30:17



At the Feet of the Good Shepherd Retreat (FGS)
16-17 Sep 2023

Church of the Holy Spirit Leaders

“The entire encounter is a beautiful experience. I got to re-ignite my drooping spirit and it was in God’s perfect plan. One significant experience is the realisation of a wound that I had inflicted when I broke the 5th commandment ‘thou shall not kill’. Through the retreat, I finally made peace with my child. It explained all the dreams and discomforts I had for the past 26 years. Praise God!”

“I brought 3 phones; didn’t miss them at all and I haven’t cried this much in 10 years. Finally. dedicated myself to the Good Shepherd, after almost 40 years of ministry. It opened my eyes to the wounds I had carried for so long and that I had unconsciously allowed to have a negative influence on my leadership and ministry service.” 

“I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and His prompting and made a decision to commit myself to make that change. I also received healing of my ear defect.”

“The retreat was prayerful and guided very clearly on scripture; not just verses from the New Testament but throughout salvation history and how God has always loved His children. This made adoration truly Christ-centred, beyond just ‘feel good’ songs, but truly grounded in the Word of God.”

“I understand now about inner wounds and this helped me understand the root of my addiction. During the healing adoration, I felt myself being pulled upwards and something in me broke and I wept uncontrollably. After that I understood that the Lord has lifted me out of all my hurts and now I am confident that I can do what He has called me to do. I am now able to throw away my pack of cigarettes.”

“God is kind to me allowing me to come to this retreat. At first I was a skeptical as I had attended CER just 2 months ago. I’m glad I came. I had grown further and deeper. All the scripture readings touched me. God has spoken to me through Joe.”

“It gave me a renewed relationship with Jesus. I came here not knowing what to expect and burdened with what work and life brought. After my confession, I felt so free and so light, all the tears that flowed out were tears of joy and happiness.”

“I was tearing throughout the first Mass and some of the presentations and praise and worship. I know I have been touched because it was 23 years ago that I felt God’s presence so significantly.”

At the Feet of the Good Shepherd Retreat (FGS)
6-7 MAY 2023
Various parishes…

"Hi Mr Fernandez and team. I am June and one of the attendees of last week's retreat at SFX Punggol where you n your fabulous team "tsunami" us with so much fervour, giving us so much strength, praying of prayers of deliverance over us, proclaiming the wonders of what God has done and is still doing for us, and so much more. i can feel the power in your team and the strength that only God can give and the conviction that all of you hold so steadfast and strong that you all can move mountains bigger than Mount Everest! That's the power i feel from all of you, rooted deeply in Jesus.And your devotion to our Mother so also deeply rooted. What more can i say? i thought i will never find such a Catholic "powerhouse" such as your team in Singapore. I'm so proud being a Singaporean! More than the words "Thank you" Honestly if none of you had said yes to this mission, we'll never know more about God and deepen our love for Him and deepen our relationship with Mother Mary. God Bless you, your team, family, friends and people who have yet to meet who will be washed over by The Holy Spirit through ministering. May The Blood of Jesus Protects you all in your ministry. God Bless 🙏 :" - June 

The retreat helped me to slow down and listen to my inner self and to God’s voice. It helped me
uncover the inner pain and unforgiving aspects in myself.One experience I would like to share is the voice of God nudging me to work for the underprivileged,
people who are in prison or would be coming out of prison, people who do not have
education, hence having little to no shot at the good respectable life. The calling seems to be a
part of a ministry which helps and provides assistance for this part of our society. - Clyde

One experience that impacted me the most was during the healing session and adoration. I
could feel the presence of Jesus and it was something that never happened to me before. I
could feel Jesus reaching out to me and healing me. It brought out my unconscious level where
I now realise that who I am and what I am feeling is due to the impact and influence from when I
was a baby in the womb. I am no longer a slave to fear. The preparation for the Sacrament of
Reconciliation was also very powerful. I was so moved during and after the sacrament. Again,
something so powerful that I have not experienced before.This retreat has helped me to connect

back to God,understand my fears and to be able to offerthem back to God for healing. - Wilbur

God revealed the unforgiveness I had and how that affected my relationship with my parents. I
was also able to dive deeper into my inner wounds and learning about internal rawness made
me more aware to begin surrender this to God. I asked for rest at this retreat before I started a
new job and but God gave me more to explore and to dig deeper, to allow me to go longer in
my journey. Through confession and SD session, I will be praying for the gift of faith and to
explore further of my faithfulness to God and what that means. I am leaving this retreat with the
truth that to move forward, God just requires me to take one step at a time. In that, I find
consolation. Praise God! - Juliana

I came into the retreat feeling indifferent, with little hope that my relationship with God could
improve. Discouraged by challenges in my ministry, I turned away from God and sought worldly
comforts. I was resentful, bitter and cynical. Praise be to God, through the preaching of the Word
of God, my faith has stirred anew. In a prayer exercise, I was guided to ask for forgiveness from
the people whom I have hurt with my sour attitude. A spirit of humility grew in me and led me to
release forgiveness on those who have hurt me. I also forgave myself for being imperfect and
‘forgave’ God for what I perceived to be His abandoning me. I now experience freedom in my
inner spirit and I am abounding in hope for my future as I continue growing in my relationship
with God. - Hans

4 days before coming into the retreat, in my mind, it was going to just another retreat, as I had
gone for a retreat 3 years ago and it also dealt with inner wounds, inner child and healing. But
the Lord has been preparing me by showing and reminding me parts of childhood experiences
and memories. I am blessed to be able to attend this retreat with my community leaders and to
have the space to share my inner wounds right from the start in a safe space. The sharing has
got to be the most vulnerable one that I’ve ever shared with anyone before. But with the wound
revealed, the Lord exposed in the Blessed Sacrament gave me the courage to reveal and
confess to the priest. That was the start of the healing journey for the Lord to shine through. The
Lord sent many gentle figures and priests my way, as He knew that I was afraid. The healing
continues from here and will never cease. Amen. - Petrina

"During the healing mass in Mar, Fr said two persons were receiving job offers and two days later I got the all important call. I had lost my job in Jan and through the grace of God started work again last week. Back in Dec 2016, God helped me find a new home for my family and secure the housing loan before crisis struck. His timing is always perfect. Sometimes He asks us to wait and sometimes He goes ahead of us. Glory be to God!" - David Chan

I have been praying for my son, 26, a lapsed Catholic to come back and praise the God. This service Father has mentioned 2 teen adults will be bac to attend church. Praise The Lord for his mercy. Amen!!  - Theresa Seah

" I am healed of Prostate Cancer” - David Thambidurai

I'm very thankful to God for His faithfulness and for guiding me on my path. I was one of four people that during prayers were mentioned to receive a new job offer and all Praise and Glory to Our Lord, I did receive a new job offer within a week.

I have been applying for jobs for over a year but none of which were unfolding in favour and times at my present company were getting quite challenging due to industry and market uncertainties.

During that time and until all unfolded,  I can only surrender to our Lord and pray for His will to unfold. He knows the plan for each one of us if we only put our full Trust and Will into His hands, and Believe. He will guide and provide for our needs when the time is right.

JER 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Amen!!  - Irina Bytchkova

I attended the last Praise  Worship at St Michaels church on

21 May. Though I had some problems but I didn't pray for anything. I said to myself, I will attend to see Jesus and Father Terence.

1st miracle; I was having indigestion, now I am cured.

2nd miracle, Father said 2 persons are going to get a new job. Surprisingly one of them is me.

3rd miracle, I never prayed to the Holy Spirit before. This is the first time from Praise & Worship, I have started to pray to the Holy Spirit. I thank you God. I thank you Jesus. I thank Father Terence and Gloria Patri.

Thank you. Thank you. Praise the Lord - Arthur Benedict Soosai

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