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  "For nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37 Please be assured that we will pray foryour intentions. God Bless!

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PDPA Consent


Gloria Patri Ministry respects your privacy and your personal data will be kept confidential in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA ) regulations.
I hereby give my acknowledgement and consent to Gloria Patri Ministry to use my personal data for the aforesaid purposes.  I will provide sufficient notification to Gloria Patri Ministry if my Singapore telephone/mobile number has been registered with the Do Not Call Registry and wish to withdraw my consent in receiving calls or SMS texts or Whatsapp notifications from Gloria Patri Ministry.
I agree to indemnify Gloria Patri Ministry against any financial penalties imposed by the Personal Data Protection Commission or any court of law in Singapore as a direct or indirect result of my failure to inform Gloria Patri Ministry of my registration with the Do Not Call Registry.
I agree that my consent will remain status quo until my withdrawal by officially notifying Gloria Patri Ministry in writing via email only to

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