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Gloria Patri Ministries respects  your  privacy  and  assures  that  your  personal  data  will  be  kept  securely according to PDPA.

I  hereby  give  my  acknowledgement  and  consent  to  Gloria Patri Ministries to  use  my  personal  data  for  the aforesaid  Purposes.  In  the  event  that  I  have registered  my  Singapore  telephone numbers(s) with the Do Not Call Registry and wish to withhold or withdraw my consent to Gloria Patri Ministries in  respect  of receiving  telephone  calls  and/or  SMS,  

I  endeavour  to  provide  sufficient  notice  to Gloria Patri Ministries of such as soon as reasonably practicable.

I further agree to indemnify Gloria Patri Ministries against any financial penalties imposed by the Personal Data Protection Commission or any court of law in Singapore as a direct or indirect result of my failure to inform Gloria Patri Ministries of my registration with the Do Not Call Registry.

I agree that my consent will remain in place for 5 years or until my withdrawal by officially notifying Gloria Patri Ministries. Please email to joseph_fernandez@hotmail.com

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