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Facilitate God encounters for the people




To be a powerful instrument to help people experience the presence of God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.



The Gloria Patri Ministry was founded by Joseph Fernandez in 2004. We are a worship & healing ministry based in Singapore. Under the guidance of Fr. Terence Pereira, we have been ministering to parishioners in the Church of St. Anthony,ONE Archdiocese - Singapore and internationally by proclaiming the Word of God, conducting praise & worship and healing services. Our ministry also assists in local and international retreats. We reach out to the needy through various projects and mission work.


The ministry is organised in the following sub-groups.  There is an appointed member to lead each sub-group.



Every alternate Saturday, members come together to intercede for the intentions of all those who have asked for prayers and for the needs of the world.


Members in this sub-group are part of a choir who meet once a fortnight to practice and prepare for the services.  This includes the selection of hymns appropriate for the event, music and song arrangement.


The group reaches out on an ad hoc basis to people in need both locally and overseas.  The leader is responsible to plan for overseas mission trips as well.


Members may be identified to preach the Word of God at local or overseas venues.  This team will also assist in conducting and organising retreats.  

Media & Sound

The group is responsible to provide the audio and visual requirements to support all the ministry events. 

Service & Hospitality

The team is responsible to ensure that participants at the Gloria Patri events feel welcome.  For the purpose of the monthly mass and healing services, the team has the added responsibility to arrange for a priest to celebrate the mass and ensure all logistical needs for the mass are met.


This sub-group is responsible to ensure that the logistics required to support all aspects of the ministry events are met.  This includes arranging of tables and chairs, arranging refreshments, set up and cleaning up after events.



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